Teacher-Consultant Writing Contest

Teacher-Consultant Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions 2023

Multimodal Winner Jane Cook (SI 07) "The Hole"
Poetry Winner Caitlin Donahue (SI 16) "The Phillies are down 1-0 at the top of the 9th"
Prose Fiction Winner Daniel Murphy (SI 23) "Only Three Yesterday Heads Speak in These Fields"
Prose Nonfiction Winner Amanda Peterson (SI 23) "Leader of the Pack"
Poetry Honorable Mention Joan Muller (SI 10) "Montana"
Prose Fiction Honorable Mention Kelly Andrews-Babcock (SI 05) "The Missing One Hundred"
Prose Nonfiction Honorable Mention Jane Cook (SI 07) "The Jury Case"

Judges : Zeynep Ozer &  Anh Le


Previous CWP Writing Contest Winners

Year Poetry Prose Fiction Prose Nonfiction Multimodal 
2022  Joan Muller
Diane Ayer
2021 Julia Mancini
Jane Cook
Lauren Shafer
2020 John Wetmore
Rebecca Snay
Moira Cassell
2019  Amy Nocton
Jane Cook
Amanda Flachsbart
2018 Joan Muller
Sophie Buckner Ann Policelli Cronin  
2017 David Polochanin Shannon Bollard Robert Pirrie  
2016 Amanda Greenwell Susan Laurençot Joanne Peluso  
2015 Danielle Pieratti John Wetmore Susan Laurençot  
2014 Amy Nocton Charles Vousden Mary Ellen Ellsworth  
2013 Victoria Nordlund Kerri Brown Bernie Schreiber  
2012 Elizabeth Amburn Jane Cook Jane Cook  
2011 Sheila Murphy Eric Maroney Lynn Frazier  
2010 Steven Straight Jon Andersen Erin Haddad-Null
2009 Lynn Hoffman Jeanette Zissell Hannah Magnan