Teacher-Consultant Writing Contest

  • Aetna 13

The Teacher-Writer Contest is an annual creative writing contest open to any and all Teacher Consultants of the Connecticut Writing Project–Storrs.

Prizes are awarded in the following categories:
-Prose Fiction
-Prose Nonfiction.

A $100 prize will be awarded to winners from each category. Award recipients read their work at the Aetna Awards Night. The winning entries, along with Honorable Mentions, will be published both in the print version of Teacher-Writer, and on the CWP website.  

 In addition to the winners of the Teacher-Writer Contest, each participant of the current year's Summer Institute self-selects a piece for publication in the Teacher-Writer Magazine.

The event is sponsored by the Aetna Chair of Writing, the Connecticut Writing Project, the Creative Writing Program, and the First-Year Writing Program.

Submission deadline date: October 15, 2018.  Please limit submissions to six poems and two prose pieces per category.  Electronic submissions are preferred; please send to cwp@uconn.edu.

Winners for the 2017 contest will be recognized at the Aetna Awards Night (TBD), along with undergraduate and graduate student writing contest winners.

Teacher-Consultant Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions 2017

Poetry Winner David Polochanin (SI 99) Not the Prettiest Day
Prose Fiction Winner Shannon Bollard (SI 17) After
Prose Nonfiction Winner Robert Pirrie (SI 14) Watch Hill
Poetry Honorable Mentions John Wetmore (SI 15) C-Section
  Caitlin Donahue (SI 16) стих для тебя 
  Denise Abercrombie (SI 07) Mercy by the Sea
Prose Fiction Honorable Mention Emily Orkins (SI 17) In Rows of Two
Prose Nonfiction Honorable Mentions Theodore Richmond (SI 17) Deposit
  Bridget O'Connor (SI 16) Be Funner

Previous CWP Writing Contest Winners

Year Poetry Prose Fiction Prose Nonfiction
2016 Amanda Greenwell Susan Laurençot Joanne Peluso
2015 Danielle Pieratti John Wetmore Susan Laurençot
2014 Amy Nocton Charles Vousden Mary Ellen Ellsworth
2013 Victoria Nordlund Kerri Brown Bernie Schreiber
2012 Elizabeth Amburn Jane Cook Jane Cook
2011 Sheila Murphy Eric Maroney Lynn Frazier
2010 Steven Straight Jon Andersen Erin Haddad-Null
2009 Lynn Hoffman Jeanette Zissell Hannah Magnan