Teacher-Consultant Writing Contest 2022

Teacher-Consultant Writing Contest 2022

2023 Scholastic Writing Contest

Scholastic Writing Contest



2022 Letters About Literature

2022 Letters About Literature

For parent/guardian permission form, go to https://cwp.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/191/2022/01/Letters-About-Literature-Permission-Form-2021-22-copy-2.pdf

Write On, Black Girl!

Write On, Black Girl!

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RSS The Write Space

  • What Will End the Teacher Shortage? October 6, 2022
    I got this email last week.   Hello, Region 8 (RHAM High School) is looking for a Long Term Substitute English teacher beginning approximately November 10th and going until approximately December 23rd. This position is to cover for a leave so it could start earlier and/or go later. If you are interested in applying for […]
    Jason Courtmanche
  • We Must Defend Free Speech and Academic Freedom September 23, 2022
    When I was a high school English teacher for twelve years, I was part of two book challenges. The first one happened in my fourth year (I was tenured, thank goodness). Some parents challenged my teaching of Romeo and Juliet because I had explained to the freshmen that a maid was not a cleaning lady […]
    Jason Courtmanche


Undergraduates in Publication

Rowan O’Connell in The Hartford Courant‘s Fresh Talk series for writers under 30.

Natalie Bennett in The Hartford Courant‘s Fresh Talk series for writers under 30.

Shayne DePalma in the CT Jewish Ledger.

McKenna Oberheim in Women’s Media Center FBomb.

Nicole Catarino in Women’s Media Center FBomb.

Multimodal Student Publications

The Children’s Table Podcast

A podcast produced by professors Kate Capshaw, Anna Mae Duane, and Victoria Ford Smith of the UConn English Department.

NPR Student Podcast Challenge

A podcast produced by students in Amy Nocton’s Early College Experience Spanish class at EO Smith High School.

NY Times Coming of Age challenge

#16 is a YouTube video produced by James Shivers’ students at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts.

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