Announcing the 2020 winners of the Connecticut Student Writers Contest. Click here for a full list of the winners!
Congrats to our Scholastic National Award Winners! Click here for a list of winners.
Connecticut Writing Project Summer Institute: The CWP invites outstanding teachers from all disciplines and levels of instruction to participate in a four-week invitational summer institute at the UConn-Storrs campus. Applications due March 30th. Click here for more information.
Connecticut Literary Anthology; Accepting Submissions for Fiction, Non fiction, and poetry from Connecticut student writers; January 4-March 31, 2020; Click on image for more information.

Upcoming Events

  1. 4/4 Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  2. 4/9 CWP Leadership Council
  3. 4/24 Letters About Literature Awards Night
  4. 4/27 3rd Annual Aetna Celebration of Student Writing
  5. 5/2 Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  6. 5/7 CWP Leadership Council
  7. 5/14 Connecticut Student Writers Award Night
  8. 6/6 Teacher-as-Writer Workshop
  9. 7/9 Northeast CCCC Summer Conference

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  • Teaching Dystopian Literature During Dystopian Times April 2, 2020
    For several years now I’ve been teaching an honors First-Year Experience course called Why Read? that has always had an inclination toward dystopian literature, and there are several novels I have rotated in and out of the reading list to keep things varied and interesting just for myself.  I’ve had the students read Fahrenheit 451, […]
  • Online Teaching Goes Viral March 26, 2020
    One of the things I’m most disappointed about right now is how many great events have gotten postponed or cancelled—Letters About Literature at the Capitol and Connecticut Student Writers Recognition Night, but also Black Girl Magic, the Leadership In Diversity Conference, FYW’s Teaching of Writing Conference, the Spring ECE English workshop, the CCCC ‘s Summer […]

CWP News and Updates

  • National Writing Project Northeast Regional Sites Conference
    The Consortium of Northeast National Writing Projects is accepting proposals for their first regional conference: Writing with Youth Inside and Outside of the Classroom. The conference is on May 1st and 2nd, 2020 and proposals are due on December 1, 2019. Visit the New York City Writing Project website for details.
    Posted on September 3, 2019

Scholastic Writing Awards

Click here for a list of the 2020 Scholastic Writing Awards Winners

Results of the 2019 CT Student Writers Contest!

This year, the Connecticut Writing Project received over 1,800 submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art from student writers from all over CT for the Connecticut Student Writers Contest. These submissions were reviewed by volunteer teachers from across the state and the results are in!

Follow the links for lists of:  2019 Published Authors 2019 Published Art 2019 Honorable Mentions 2019 Honored Teachers




Scholastic Teacher Recognition Awards

Click here to view the Scholastic Teacher Recognition Awards

Click here to view the Scholastic Teacher Recognition Awards

First Annual Connecticut Literary Festival

First annual Connecticut Literary Festival; took place Saturday October 5, 2019; Click image for more information

The Connecticut Writing Project co-sponsored the first annual Connecticut Literary Festival, which took place Saturday October 5, 2019 at Real Art Ways in Hartford. Writers, publishers,performers, and lovers of literature gathered to celebrate Connecticut’s literary tradition through good food, sharing, and of course, writing. Check out their website here.

We had a large number of CWP affiliates participate in the program: Jon Anderson, Jason Courtmanche, Amy Nocton, Sean Forbes, Ryan Amato, Dennis Barone, Stephen Ostrowski, Joan Sydney, Mika Taylor, Ken Cormier, Michael Belanger, Pegi Deitz Shea, Margaret Gibson, Daniel Donaghy, Marilyn Nelson, and Elizabeth Thomas.

Teacher-Consultant Contest Winners

Teacher-Consultant Contest Winners

Fiction: Jane Cook
“Just Pretend”
Nonfiction: Amanda Flacshbart
“In Response to Bacon”
Poetry: Amy Nocton
“This Quiet Air So Sharp”

Fiction: Victoria Clarizio
Nonfiction: Ellen Devine
Poetry: Kyle Barron, Sallyanne Ferrero, and Amy Nocton

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