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The Connecticut Student Writers Contest

The Connecticut Writing Project (CWP) sponsors Connecticut Student Writers, a magazine established in 1987 by the CWP to honor excellence in writing by students from kindergarten through high school. The highlight of the publication process is the Student Recognition Night, a celebration hosted by the CWP on the UConn campus.

The magazine provides an arena for Connecticut students to present their original work in poetry or prose. The CSW provides validation of authorship from kindergarten through high school, as well as provides an opportunity for some students to present their work before a live audience. Through the CSW pages, Connecticut students recognize the importance of writing in their lives. For some, writing for the CSW offers the stepping stone for further literary endeavors.

Annually, over 1,500 students from across Connecticut submit entries vividly demonstrating their passion for the craft of writing. From this large pool of poetry, essays, stories, and drama, submissions in Poetry and Prose are chosen to be published or honored from each grade level.

Submission Guidelines

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CSW Student Recognition Night for 2022

The Connecticut Student Writers Student Recognition Night for 2022 will be held May 12 from 5 to 7 PM at the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts at UConn.

For our first live event since 2019, we will be implementing a few changes, some of which will likely be permanent and others which are hopefully temporary.

  • The event will NOT be catered this year. Plan to eat ahead of time or afterwards.
  • Certificates will NOT be distributed at Recognition Night. Certificates have already been distributed electronically. We plan to call names of honorees at Recognition Night but will NOT be calling students to the stage—OTHER THAN THE 13 INVITED SPEAKERS.
  • Likewise, the magazine will NOT be distributed in print at Recognition Night. The magazine WILL be distributed electronically as a PDF and WILL be available for download from our website. We would recommend for print copies that you use any of a number of online services, or even a place like Staples.
  • We WILL still have a keynote speaker--Sarah Albee--and we WILL have 13 student speakers from grades K-12 who will read their work from the stage.
  • There WILL be parking in the South Parking Garage. It will be a flat rate of $5. The North garage is closer but is impacted by construction. Seniors, young kids, etc can be dropped off in front of Jorgensen and then Mom or Dad can go park the car and walk over. Hopefully it doesn't rain!
  • There is NO limit on the number of people who can attend. Jorgensen holds about 3000 and our largest pre-pandemic crowd was about 1600. Anyone can attend--siblings, teachers, grandparents, neighbors, the mailman. All are welcome.
  • Got questions? DO email us at Do NOT call the office. We're mostly working remotely.


Photos from Recognition Night 2019