Write On, Black Girl!

2023 Spring Retreat

Participants at our UCONN 2023 Spring Retreat. Students enjoy lunch while having enriched discussion about this years theme of  ____. The retreat relies on the student’s commitment to social justice in ways that utilize the arts. This is reflected in student submissions of art mediums such as poetry, short stories, and photography. 


Participants at our CCSU 2023 Spring Retreat. Write On, Black Girl focuses on making space for the Black Cis- and Transgender girls and nonconforming students in Kindergarten to undergraduate college to challenge stereotypes and marginalization. 

      Pictured is Jesse Turner, Director of Literacy Center. CCSU’s literacy center seeks to benefit children and adolescents with reading difficulties.  Turner’s passion for education is extended through his multifaceted  discussions surrounding the importance of teachers in the classroom and  the inequity of public school education in the U.S.