The Connecticut Writing Project was started in 1982 in the English Department at the University of Connecticut by Professors Bill Rosen, Bill Sheidley, and Bill Curtin. Its goal then and now was to improve the writing instruction of teachers at all levels of education and from all disciplines. Over 450 teachers have received Aetna Fellowships to attend CWP Summer Institutes, and thousands more have benefited from its professional development services in schools and its writing programs for students.

We invite you to check out this interview on Education Matters where our director, Jason Courtmanche, talks about the Connecticut Writing Project-Storrs and the work we do here.

In order to ensure the continuing success of the Connecticut Writing Project, the UCONN College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in collaboration with the UCONN Alumni Association and the UCONN Foundation celebrated the 30th anniversary with a fundraising effort to benefit the CWP and its teachers. The goal is to establish a twenty-five thousand dollar endowment that will  allow the Connecticut Writing Project to maintain and expand the programs at the core of its mission to help teachers be better teachers of writing. Dr. Carol Virostek, Connecticut's Teacher of the Year in 1989, shared a little about her experience and why she chose to donate:

"The summer Institute in 1993 and my Aetna Fellowship made a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally, for which I will always be grateful. I just wanted you to know that my recent donation to the CWP is a small way of expressing my appreciation to all of you. The CWP literally changed my life. Keep up the great work."

You can donate to CWP through the National Writing Project website
Donate to CWP through UCONN Foundation. Our number is 20113

To help us reach this goal, you can go to the UConn Foundation website to donate:

  • Click one of the suggested amounts or type in the amount that you wish to give, click "Donate," and follow the rest of the directions given.

  You can support the Connecticut Writing Project via the National Writing Project.
The National Writing Project has also begun an initiative to support Writing Project sites all over the country. Donations made this way will also provide support for a national network to support all sites.

  • Go to the website above
  • Choose a donation amount, fill out the rest of the information and then click "Contribute"



Your donations will ensure that both teachers and students alike can continue to benefit from the quality training that the CWP-Storrs provides our community!