Scholastic Writing Awards 2022

Siwen Cui reads from “From the Founding Documents to the Beautiful Disney Princesses”

Siwen reads from her critical essay







Siwen Cui is a junior at Kent School. Exploring American values through the lens of her own culture offers her unique insights into gender studies and inspires her to write about how the conception of gender and sexuality subtly but persistently shapes history and culture. Her favorite pastimes include swimming, reading Greek mythology, and hanging out with her dogs. Her favorite Greek gods are Apollo and Artemis. She reads an excerpt from her critical essay “From the Founding Documents to the Beautiful Disney Princesses: the Ugly Truth About the Subjugation of Women in America.”




Sophie Marcus reads “Frozen”

Sophie Marcus reading her poem







Sophie Marcus is a 8th grade student at Mansfield Middle School. This is her poem “Frozen.”

Gabrielle Wincherhern reads “Per Astra Ad Aspera”

Gabrielle reads her science fiction story.








Gabrielle Wincherhern is a senior at Amity High School. She loves stories of all kinds—whether they come in the form of writing, art, music, film, or games—and sees stories as a way to connect with and to inspire others. She enjoys birds, bubble tea, and the way humanity rises from tragedy. This is her science fiction story “Per Astra Ad Aspera.”

Isabella Wu reads “I Will Find You With Golden Buns”

Isabella reads a personal essay





Isabella Wu is a sophomore at Choate Rosemary Hall. Her favorite pastimes are reading novels, writing short stories and poems, digital art, and playing music. In her writing, she strives to convey stories with her emotions and connect with readers through pieces about identity, love, regret, joy, and other themes, as well as elevate underrepresented voices. This is her personal essay “I Will Find You With Golden Buns.”

Muriel Stankeviciute reads four poems

Muriel reads her poetry





Muriel Stankeviciute is a senior at Rockville High School in Vernon, CT. As a member of her school’s creative writing program, she explores writing structure and rhyme schemes to create pieces that mirror flowing streams of thought while developing a unique voice as a poet. In her free time she enjoys meditation, astrology, reading fantasy and historical fiction, and–of course–writing. Muriel is pursuing a career in secondary education, while working to establish her own role in the literary field.

She reads four poems here.