Unveiling Cultural Heritages with Professor Kisha Tracy at Fitchburg State University

Click here to read about the Heritages of Change project at Fitchburg State University!

Paul Hanusch and Teaching Literacy Through Theater

Click here to learn more about middle school teacher Paul Hanusch's theater program at Portland Middle School!

Danielle Pieratti and Her Translation of Transparencies

Click here to read about Danielle Pieratti and her work translating Maria Borio's collection of poems.

Katie Grant and The MHS Writing Center & Curriculum

Click here to read about Katie Grant's new Writing Center Curriculum at Manchester High School!

Victoria Norlund’s Pushcart Nomination & Her Advice for Creative Writers

Click here to read more about Victoria Norlund's Pushcart nomination and work as a creative writer!

Kim Johnson & the ESJRG

Recently, CWP's Equity and Social Justice Reading Group (ESJRG) had their short speaker series. The Daily Campus featured articles about each of our speakers. Read more about what the author of This is My AmericaKim Johnson had to say.


Toni Onyebuchi & the ESJRG

Recently, CWP's Equity and Social Justice Reading Group (ESJRG) had their short speaker series. The Daily Campus featured articles about each of our speakers. Read more about what the author of Riot Baby, Toni Onyebuchi had to say.


Kiedra Taylor

Kiedra Taylor, CWP's current graduate assistant, was featured on the UConn English Department's page. In the article, Ms. Taylor speaks about her project, Write On, Black Girl.


Amanda Abbott & A Midsummer Night's Dream

Abbott, a teacher at E.O. Smith High School and a longtime student of Shakespeare is hoping to breathe new life into the play with her production, which will be held in a garden amphitheatre in Chester and accompanied by folk music.


Gillian Zieger & Middlebury BLSE

Zieger tells me about the importance of teachers continuing to learn and grow, while emphasizing the communal aspects of the Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English in a discussion of her new administrative role in admissions and recruiting.


Dr. Eden Stein

Dr. Eden Stein is a teacher at Worthington Hooker School in New Haven, Ct. We were able to interview Dr.Stein about National History Day, a project that she has implemented in her classroom for many years. 


Sean Forbes

Sean Forbes is an assistant English Professor-in-residence and the University of Connecticut’s current Creative Writing Director. He used to be involved with CWP as a graduate assistant working alongside CWP director, Professor Jason Courtmanche. Forbes’ work has been featured in a variety of publications, and recently his poem Memorial Site was featured in the English Journal. Check out Forbes’ featured poem here.


Denise Abercrombie

Denise Abercrombie was a participant in CWP’s summer institute, and worked as the head of the English department at EO Smith High School for many years. She has published several works across major publications, and currently works with Curbstone Foundation’s Poetry in the Park series. Recently, her poem the ordinary magic  was published in the English Journal, an incredible recognition. Check out her featured poem here. 


Max Bakke

Bakke teaches English at Tolland High School. Before teaching, he wrote for various newspapers and magazines covering a variety of beats from lifestyle to local government. He lives in New Haven with his wife, daughter and beagle. The following is Bakke's reflection about his high-school film class


Christina Han & Carolyn Forché

Christina Han, a UConn alumnus, shares the insights she gained from interviewing renowned poet Carolyn Forché and how it impacted her as a writer.


Alexa Carey

Alexa Carey is a professor of First-Year Writing here at the University of Connecticut. In addition to teaching at UConn, Carey teaches First Year Writing at Northeastern University, and also teaches literature and developmental composition at Capital Community College. Click here to read more about Alexa Carey's unique teaching approach.


Why Choose the Neag School? | Neag School of Education

Introducing Jason Irizarry

Jason Irizarry is the new Dean of NEAG for the University of Connecticut as of March 2021. After speaking with Jason, it was evident that he is a man who is an ideal example of a leader and has already made a significant impact on the School of Education. Irizarry explained he went into the education field because of his eagerness to make a difference in the world.


To Improve Your Writing, Talk - UConn Today

Tom Deans's Experience Teaching In Africa

The University of Connecticut has an impressive writing center where all students have accessibility for feedback, and guidance from fellow college students or professors in order to write grade A work. The man who started it all is named Tom Deans. Tom has a clear passion for writing and developing a workshop based process for student writers at the University of Connecticut.


Humanities and democratic discourse belong together | Harvard Magazine

Amy Nocton & the Discourse and Deliberation Program

Amy Nocton is an example of a teacher who positively impacts her students inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom. Her dedication to strengthening and building up the Discourse and Deliberation Program has allowed her to build lifelong connections with her students and spread awareness to modern issues with equity and injustice.


Katie Grant | Writing Center

Katie Grant

An educator has one of the most important roles in society. Educators pave the way for the youth and young adults in a community; this job takes more than just a certification and after interviewing Katie Grant it is evident that educators who devote themselves to the field will become the most qualified and prepared to take on the laborious job.


Sean Forbes and Writing a New Book

Sometimes when doing something for a long period of time, it is important to take a step back and gain a new perspective on whatever task you were devoting your time to. This is exactly what UConn's Creative Writing Director Sean Forbes did this past year when he signed up for the Humanities Institute Fellowship...


Caitlin Donahue and Teaching Students on Many Levels

Caitlin Donahue has been working as an English and creative writing teacher at Stafford High School for nine years and this past August completed her sixth year in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Creativity, Giftedness and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut. Caitlin believes that it is difficult to get gifted students involved in class if they are already familiar with the material they are learning and do not need extra help on their own...


Samantha vanValkenburg and Working With the Students of E.O. Smith

Becoming a teacher is one of the most difficult things to do because of what it involves. You have the responsibility to teach the next generation and learning how to do that well is no easy feat. This is the challenge that Samantha Vanvalkenburg is currently facing...


Honoring Retiring TCs

The Connecticut Writing Project would like to honor a few teachers who have recently retired. These educators were all involved in the CWP's Summer Institute and we appreciate their dedication to their careers.


Rich Kent Enters Retirement

Rich Kent has been involved in the National Writing Project for some time now. As he enters retirement, the CWP would like to honor him in a special feature going over the highlights of his career. 


The Equity and Social Justice Reading Group

When Jason Courtmanche and Kiedra Taylor found out that the Equity and Social Justice Reading group would no longer be hosted by the NEAG department, they along with some students took it upon themselves to continue the reading group. Since they started the group they have grown from five to a group of eight students and faculty. This year they have decided to focus on the ten most banned books in schools...


Life as an Equity Coach

The Transition to Public Schools: 

Before beginning her journey teaching at a Public School, Two Rivers Magnet Middle School, she began her teaching career at both Catholic and Private Institutions. Here, the expectations of the kids were different compared to those with Public Schools. Behaviorally, at Catholic and Private Institutions, kids seemed to be more driven and respectful towards their instructors, and making sure they are listening attentively to what their teacher is sharing with them. However, Karen Adrian was unaware of the challenges she would be faced with when transitioning to teaching at a Public School.



From the World of Journalism to the World of Education

David Polochanin began his career in Journalism where he initially worked for The Boston Globe composing various articles and even working with educators who are passionate about teaching. He earned his degree from UConn in 1995 and decided to switch his career path to teaching upon talking to various educators, while working for The Boston Globe. That's when he achieved a Master's in Education and began his career in Education in 1998. He is now teaching Middle School literature to sixth graders at Gideon Welles School in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Being a former Journalist and connecting with students who want to be journalists within the classroom, is such an amazing experience for Polochanin. 



Life and Career of Bill Curtin

Bill Curtin was not only a co founder of the Connecticut Writing Project, but a continued friend throughout the success of the CWP.  Curtin died in March of this past year, and the Connecticut Writing Project wishes to honor him by speaking with colleagues who knew him throughout his life and career.